Yasheng High Performance Polypropylene(PP) Rope

Yasheng High Performance Polypropylene(PP) Rope

High performance PP Rope made by Top raw material of Polypropylene and polyethylene fiber(grain) ,which is with 20% ~ 25% higher MBL than normal PP Rope, also has higher abrasion resistance than general PP Ropes.

we have two kinds of PP Rope(Multifilament and Monofilament), is the most economical fibre rope, low cost for shipowner, it’s linear density is less than 1,can floating on the water,and has a close strength and elongation when wet and dry,have better abrasion resistance, UV Resistance.

  • Specific Gravity:0.95~0.98 floating on the water

  • Melting Point: 165 ℃

  • Abrasion Resistance : Good

  • Chemical Resistance: Good

  • UV Resistance: Good

  • Water Absorption: None

  • Elongation : 14% ~ 18%


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